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Priva is a world leader in developing and supplying sustainable technologies for the control of indoor environments within horticulture and the built environment.  Dynatrade has been the Priva agent for Southern Africa for the last 12 years.  Our team is trained to install and service Priva Climate Controllers and Priva Fertilizer Injection Equipment.  

Priva products are modular and designed to grow with your business.

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Peter Dekker Systems – PDI – has been supplying screening systems to the greenhouse industry since 1984. They are known for quality, experience and excellent customer advice.

PDI invented several systems such as the ‘Veerblok’ and “Slip-in System”.

Dynatrade is the agent for PDI in South Africa and only recommends their screening systems.

Contact our technical team for more info.

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Rovero is a specialist in poly greenhouses and tunnels with over 25 years experience.

Dynatrade has been the agent for Rovero in Southern Africa for the last 12 years.  Rovero greenhouses are designed to accommodate a screening system, along with all other products required to grow in the most advanced greenhouse.  

The Rovero products can be custom-built to suit each grower’s specific requirements.

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This greenhouse plastic ‘paint’, is widely used in the horticulture industry.

ReduSol is a shading agent that reflects high levels of solar energy. It is wear-resistant and can be easily removed with ReduClean. For many years ReduSol is the obvious choice for protecting crops against excess heat and light.  ReduSol can offer up to 80% shading.

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Svensson is the pioneer and world leader in climate control and energy efficiency through textile-based solutions.  A grower can benefit from the cooling properties of a screen in the summer months and the energy saving properties in the winter months.  A screen helps the grower safe on expensive energy bills. Contact Dynatrade for more information.

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Rock wool is a natural product that is made from volcanic rock.  World wide Grodan rock wool/stone wool is used as the prefered medium for precision growing.  Locally rock wool is commonly used by hydroponic growers. Dynatrade offers the complete range of Grodan products, from plugs, to blocks, to slabs.

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Empas has been a trendsetting machine builder for more than 40 years, specializing in spraying equipment for horticulture.  

The spraying trolleys can be fitted with an electric, or petrol motor and can be used with a manual spray gun, or spray booms.

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Agroblen gives growers complete control over their nutritional programme. Agroblen contains a 100% coated NPK granule to provide a controlled release of the nutrients over a pre-determined length of time. With Agroblen, growers can apply multiple applications or just once a year depending on the crop’s needs.

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Having pioneered controlled release fertilizers 48 years ago, the Osmocote range of products are still evolving thanks to innovative new technologies.  Dynatrade currently offers TBC locally registered Osmocote speciality fertilizers.

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Universol sets the standard for water-soluble fertilizers. The fertilizers are colour-coded for easy use. This system is made up of carefully selected ingredients that ensure the highest quality, distinctive results and a clean irrigation system. All are made of a balanced NPK formula with magnesium and trace elements. Universol products are universally recognised for their reliability and great value for money.

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Munters is a global leader in energy efficient air treatment and climate solutions. Using innovative technologies, Munters creates the perfect climate for customers in a wide range of industries, including horticulture.

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Dynatrade supplies and installs high quality, 200 micron greenhouse plastic, imported from Europe. This multi-layer, high diffusing, anti-drip and anti-dust poly film is available in 7.5m and 11.5m widths.

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Winterwarm Agri started out in 2008 with the take over from the sales of heating appliances for (mainly) greenhouses from the company Priva BV from de Lier (Netherlands).

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The Danish trolley is specially designed for the horticultural industry and is most commonly used for pot plants and flowers.  We import the Danish Trolleys with additional heavy duty rubber wheels and it comes standard with 3 shelves.